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PHAB Rolls Out New Accreditation Activity Map on Website

Monday, December 19, 2016  
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PHAB's new Accreditation Activity map includes data and information requested by the field


PHAB recently unveiled a new, interactive Accreditation Activity Map. The new map, developed and updated monthly by PHAB Accreditation Manager Marita Chilton, MPH, includes additional data and information that was requested by the field. In addition to identifying the location of accredited health departments, the map's multiple layers allow users to view accredited departments by type while seeing a complete list of accredited departments. Each accredited marker on the map displays the version of the PHAB Standards and Measures under which the health department was accredited, as well as the accreditation date and the health department's address. Below the map, a table displaying aggregated accreditation activity allows users to see both data for accredited departments and departments still in progress.

In addition to the interactive map, users can download a printable map for use in presentations. Both maps are updated monthly. View the map at