2020 Annual Conference Webinars

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The National Association of Local Boards of Health (NALBOH) informs, guides, and is the national voice for boards of health. In today’s public health system, the leadership role of boards of health makes them an essential link between public health services and a healthy community. Uniquely positioned to deliver technical expertise in governance and leadership, board development, health priorities, and public health policy, NALBOH strives to strengthen good governance where public health begins—at the local level.

NALBOH has been engaged in establishing a significant voice for local boards of health on matters of national public health policy. If you are involved with a local board of health, NALBOH is here to support you!

What are local boards of health? Local boards of health around the United States have different authorities
for carrying out their responsibilities. Some boards enact rules and
regulations, while others advise or make recommendations to the local
governing body for public health. All boards of health, regardless of the
extent of their legal authority, are obligated to either enact or to recommend
policies that serve the interest of the public’s health.

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