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Virtual Resource Hall Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Virtual Resource Hall (VRH) promoted?

NALBOH will promote the VRH the following ways:

  • Banner graphic on our homepage that links directly to the VRH landing page
  • Link under the “Events” tab for the VRH
  • There will be a standing section with VRH information and a link directly to the landing page in any email blasts that get sent out to members and non-members
  • Social media posts via Facebook about the VRH as well as posts to feature each exhibitor that takes advantage of the VRH


How long will the VRH be “live?”
The VRH was rolled out in June 2020 and will be open 24/7 to anyone that visits the NALBOH website until December 2020. After this, the NALBOH Board will discuss plans to either continue or discontinue this option.

How will exhibitors be listed?
Exhibitors will be listed by alphabetically.

Can I participate in the VRH if I am not a NALBOH Partner member?
Yes, you can participate if you’re not a NALBOH Partner member for $750.

Is there a way to know who clicked on links/videos?
No, unfortunately there won’t be a way to know who specifically clicked on the links but NALBOH can view how many page views there have been.

How do I sign up for the VRH?
You can click here to fill out the form and upload documents to be included on your page.

Do I have to sign up for this immediately?
No, registration for the VRH is open until the end of the year so you can sign up when it’s most convenient for you.

How many hits does the NALBOH website get to track how many people are viewing the VRH?
On average, the NALBOH website gets about 1,000 site visits per month.

How do you plan on getting leads back?
Companies that want to provide their information for the VRH also have the option to list company contact information to give all viewers the ability to reach out to you directly.

Can you change the content of the information on the VRH through the time frame?
Yes, we understand that new products and ideas are coming out frequently. Please email the information you want to replace what’s currently on your page to

How long will it take to get my submitted information up on the website?
Please allow up to 48-hours for your information to be put on the website. If and when the volume of submissions is higher, the NALBLH Office will adjust this time.