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PHAB Temporarily Suspends CSILPHDS Application Option

Wednesday, February 11, 2015  
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PHAB Temporarily Suspends CSILPHDS Application Option

January 22, PHAB E-News

As the readers of this newsletter may recall, PHAB has several potential application avenues available to local health departments in centralized public health department systems. One option is for the local health department (LHD) to apply as a single LHD, the same as any other local health department. A second option is for the LHD to apply as an in-state district or region. And the final option is for the state to apply on behalf of some or all of its local health departments. The latter option is called the Centralized States Integrated Local Public Health Department System (CSILPHDS) option.  

PHAB is completing its first CSILPHDS accreditation review, and will be working with NORC at the University of Chicago to evaluate that approach to accreditation. We expect that evaluation to take a few months. It is possible that PHAB will make some adjustments to the CSILPHDS process based on that evaluation. Therefore, PHAB is suspending the submission of CSILPHDS applications until the evaluation is completed and changes have been made. Any state intending to apply through that option can proceed with completion of the initial requirement of accomplishing state health department accreditation. Only the integrated local component of accreditation will be affected by this suspension. Please direct questions or comments to Robin Wilcox.